John 5:1-15

May 9, 2017

John 5.1-15.pdf

Note that this structure in John 5 lends internal support for the originality of the Byzantine text type of John 5:4, which is omitted as the reading in modern Greek texts and English versions. This reading (to omit 5:4) was given an “A” rating by the editorial committee (“virtually certain”). So maybe it should not be so certain. I always keep an eye out for that “one” textual witness. The UBS4 apparatus for this verse lists the following witnesses:

omit verse 4

P66, 75 ℵ B C* D T Wsupp 0141 33 157 itd, f, l, q vgww, st syrc copsa, pbo, bopt, ach2 arm geo Amphilochius

include verse 4

(according to A, with many variations in later mss and versions)

A C3 L Δ Θ Ψ 078 0233 ƒ1 ƒ13 28 180 205 565 579 597 700 892 1006 1010 1071 1241 1243 1292 1342 1424 1505 Byz [E F G H] Lect ita, aur, b, c, e, ff2, j, r1 vgcl syrp, pal copbopt eth slav Didymusdub Chrysostom Cyrillem; Tertullian Hilary Ambrose 

include verse 4 with asterisks or obeli P 047 syrh